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How do you really benefit from Search Engines today? One of the most difficult tasks on the Internet is figuring out how your customers are going to find you. There are over 200 million people using the Internet. Your potential customers are coming from these numbers. Why is then, that so many people are complaining that their site is nowhere to be seen in the Search Engines? Carefully designing your site content and Meta Tags can be helpful, but still too many sites are competing for the top places in the Search Engines. Unless your content is very rare and specific, people will have trouble finding you on the Web.

We are here to help. Depending on your advertising budget, we can place you in the top 10 listings in many search engines. It gets even better! We can place you in the top 3 positions in the major search engines, such as Yahoo!, AltaVista, Lycos, AOL, HotBot, Mamma.com, Metacrawler, WebCrawler, Google etc. when you participate in our advertising campaign.


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The newest operations of search engines are the auctioning of top places based on search terms. Our company is monitoring these auctions minute by minute and can jump in at the right time to ensure the  longest placement for the lowest cost. We also create special advertisements that will appear in many search engines and will bring you targeted audience.

 Our ad campaigns are decided on an individual basis. You will receive a detailed report monthly where you will be able to see the traffic to your site created by the ad campaign. You decide your budget for the campaign and we ensure that your budget is used most effectively. Minimum budget is $150 per month.

To give you a realistic idea of a $150/month budget, you can count on approximately 300 unique visitors to your site. This is an average number. It can be higher or lower, depending on several factors, such as the popularity of the content of your site, and the popularity of the search term people use to find services similar to yours. Generally, the higher traffic you want to receive the higher your monthly budget should be. Comparing the traffic activity of your site before and after the first month of your advertising trial will give you a good idea to calculate your budget for the following months.

We will notify you before your budget runs out and you will have the chance to continue or terminate your ad campaign for the following month.

Your search engine placement will be up and running in about one week after you set up your campaign. Please note, that search engines have strict criteria for including web sites. If they reject your site for some reason we will notify you with the reason for the rejection. You then have the choice to modify your site, or discontinue your ad campaign, in which case we will refund your payment less $10.00 for administrative purposes.

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